Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Camryn's NB announcements. Love

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just because I need a good Laugh+End of the year Giveaway

Ok, Folks here it is. I am doing a photoshoot giveaway. For a couple of reasons actually...One, because I need a good laugh, and Two, I like doing nice things for people! Here's what you have to do to enter. First, go back over to my facebook page where I posted this link and leave me a comment of something super clumsy that you have done! Most of you know by now that I am an extremely clumsy person. Heck I trip, or fall on most of my photoshoots. But, that's ok, because I still consider myself cool and that's what matters deep down. Right? I call my kids clumsy ALOT, but then I think they must have gotten that trait from their mama. The crazy part is, I do NOT laugh at people when they fall. It's so weird. Or maybe I'm just weird;) Oh well. Secondly, suggest my facebook page to as many friends as you can and tell me in number form how many friends you suggested my page to. Here's an example:

I used to work at a bank inside a retail store and I would wear these really wide leg pants all the time. Unfortunately, almost every time I would wear them, they would get caught up in my shoes and I would either almost fall or just completely fall to the ground. The girls I worked with would crack up and said that my face was the funniest part of it all because it looked like a total surprise every time it would happen. #10

See how easy, I put up my clumsy story and then the # of the friends I suggested;)

The winner will be randomly chosen in the order the comments are received. The winner will receive a one hour photo session to be used in 2011. They will also receive a disk of approximately 20-30 edited images. You have until 11:00 p.m. December 23rd to enter and I will announce the winner on December 24th. What are you waiting for. Start thinking of that clumsiest moment and tell your friends about me;) Good luck!

And, because post aren't complete without a photo, here's Kaleb doing one of his "tricks." He's looking a bit nervous, like "Please don't land the wrong way, this has to be super cool!"

Callie brought her family with her

There's sure to be fun involved when there's a little girl, her brother, a radio flyer and lots of hair bows! Yes, I'm talking about Callie! This time she brought her whole family with her. Her mommy, daddy and big brother and it was loads of fun. It was already time for her 9 month photo session. I remember photographing her at her newborn shoot. It doesn't seem like that has been almost a year ago. Time sure flies when your having fun. And, you can sure tell that this family has lots of fun ALOT! Tyler is a great big brother. He hugs and kisses and just has lots of fun with Callie. Plus, he always says things to crack me up! He seriously is one funny kid! I am sure that he will teach Callie quite a few great things along the way. He pretty much taught her on our photoshoot how to drive a wagon. I mean how great is that? Callie is always so good during her photos. She laughs and smiles so much and is just super sweet! I can't wait until her 12 month photos, as I am sure her mommy and I will come up with some super ideas for her cake eating party;) Now for the fun part!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Baby Knox

A few months back I photographed a beautiful round belly. It was the belly that baby Knox was cuddled in until he would make his arrival and I would get to photograph him! I was super excited to finally meet Knox and to see Brandy and Terry again. They are the cutest little couple and I just knew they would make wonderful parents. And a super adorable baby! I was right! Knox was so sweet and adorable. I wanted to hold him so badly, but that day he really wanted to be snuggled by his mommy so I tried to bother him as least as possible. I just let the three of them the cute little family that they were meant to be while I stood back and photographed it. When I left I felt completely refreshed. Refreshed from such a sweet innocent life that could not say a word to me, only speak to me with his soft skin, his fine hair, and his tiny little nose. Brandy and Terry, I thank you for sharing these special moments with me and I hope you love your photos.

 he wasn't very happy about being put in the basket...
 but, soon he was snuggled up with his Santa hat, fast asleep.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mendenhall Family

I had the chance to meet a wonderful family a couple of weeks ago. It took a few minutes for us to all warm up to each other but then we were all laughing and having fun. We went over to the Ramsey House, which is one of my favorite places and it was warm and the light was amazing! Kim wanted some family photos of all four of them and then she wanted some senior pictures of Andrew. I hope you guys love your photos, as much as I do! I had alot of fun with you all!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Joel...not going to be the baby anymore

You must remember Joel! I had the pleasure of photographing him for the first time almost a year ago. You can see that post here, and then at his first birthday party his mommy and daddy asked me to come photograph that special day. You can see that post here. My, how Joel has grown! I cannot believe that he is 18 months old! He is such a cutie and definitely on the go! This is a very special time in his life as he will soon have a big responsibility of being a BIG brother. His sister is due this February! I just know that Joel will be a great big brother and take good care of little sis. We went to Maryville College for our session as that is where Christie went to college. Her and Jenna are good friends and co-workers so they came up with the location together. I love when my clients show me new fun places that I have never been and once again, I will say that Maryville College was a beautiful place! Joel definitely kept all three of us busy running around after him, as I think it was a game to him to see who could keep up with him. He was so much fun and I can't wait to photograph him and his new sister more in the near future. Thank you Christie and Wade for continuing to use me to capture your families special moments.
 look at those sweet eyes;)

Better hurry, baby brother on the way

You may remember Milas and Jubal that I photographed some time ago. You know the two that I loved their names because of the uniqueness! Well I got to photograph them again along with Jenna and Greg and Jenna's belly because Milas and Jubal are going to have a brother soon. Well actually now that I am writing this post I will go ahead and tell you that baby brother is already here. He came last Wednesday. Jenna says that they are doing great but have not posted a pic. (which I hope she does very soon) yet, for that I cannot wait to see. We had alot of fun as we went to Maryville College and walked around. That is where Jenna went to school. I had never been and am so glad I got a chance to go, because it was so beautiful and peaceful there. The boys had a chance to run around and kind of explore which was fun. We stepped on the leaves just to hear them crunch (always been a favorite thing of mine to do, I just try not to let on that's what I am doing.) Thank you Jenna and Greg and boys and Congratulations on baby Dominic. I'm sure he is a bundle of joy!

 this is my favorite one. I have a thing for funny face pictures;)
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